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Thanks to the several meeting rooms is Hotel Zátoka the best place to organize your workshop. During the sunny days, you can also work outside, so you are able to work hard and enjoy the peaceful environment at the same time.



Tell me what company you keep and I will tell you, who you are.
Never forget this old truth and focus on your team. Teambuilding is the most effective way to make your team stronger and successful. That´s why we have prepared a mix of funny activities and attractive indoor and outdoor areas.


Christmas party

Christmas decoration, songs and everything that go with. Love and hate in one.
This is a perfect opportunity to know better each other or to show our thanks to the important business partners.
Of course this means also a lot of hard work, but you can let us to do it for you. We will change your dreams into reality and ensure the smooth course of the Christmas party. Price offers are on request.